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Never Too Late To Dream Foundation (NTLTD) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, established May, 2020 in California. Its sole purpose is to empower disadvantaged students by providing scholarships, on the job training, and job placement assistance. We will accomplish this through fundraising, grants, and regional as well as international social enterprises.

Never Too Late To Dream is not only the name of the foundation, it is also the message I wish to convey to the disadvantaged and aspiring college students. The NTLTD logo is a combination of the union and relationship we wish to have with the Philippines: The sun and stars are from the Filipino flag. The American flag is firmly behind it. The gold color represents the purity of the union.

NTLTD recently partnered with Freedom Overground, a non-profit that works with members of the LGBTQ+ community that are incarcerated in the deep southern United States.  

One of the founders said that she was looking for a partner in the Sustainable Living category. This would include scholarships and education, as well as social enterprises. She was pleased to add us to her list of resources and as a strategic partner. As we scale, we will become part of a network of non-profits to provide a wide variety of services ranging from education to re-entry to advocacy for LGBTQ+ people to dying with dignity.

Our purpose is to strengthen families, grow a sustainable regional economy, cultivate leadership and philanthropy, and foster respect for all. 

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