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Philippines Trip Day 13 – Refreshed


By Skylar Richardson

We have been in the Philippines for thirteen days. I received three new tattoos, purchased some nice things, made new friends, and had a few revelations. Since being here, the weather has been beautiful and warm. This summer-like weather is a welcomed shift from our near-freezing California weather. As we are planning our final days here, the weather is literally changing as if it were sad to see us go. If Apple weather is any indication, it should be raining here for the next 7 days or so. This is good, as we have had good weather thus far and no rain for the last few days of our trip.

I have implied and directly said how much I love the Philippines and the Filipino people. I am glad to be married into such a rich and beautiful culture. My goals are to complete my education, grow my foundation, find a solid board, and fundraising. At the same time, I plan to grow professionally and spiritually and grow my personal and professional networks.

This may sound strange to some, but I look forward to returning home. There is so much to do but now I feel like I have been refreshed and my drive has been renewed. I can’t wait to see the impact I will have at work and at home. As for the next 4.5 days, I will continue to make the most of it and strategize on how I can make the most impact.

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